Café Verrückt


zur 9. Sitzung
am 16. Juni 2016, um 1111h,

im Café 'Zur Steipe'
in Trier

zur Lektüre dreier Limericks

There was a young fellow of Gloucester,
Whose wife ran away with a coucester.
He traced her to Leicester
And tried to arreicester,
But in spite of his efforts he loucester.

A bald-headed judge of Beauclerk
Fell in love with a maiden seauferk
Residing at Bicester,
Who said when he kicester,
'I won't wed a man with neauherk.

There was an old man from Dunoon,
Who always ate soup with a fork.
For he said, 'As I eat
Neither fish, fowl nor flesh
I should finish my dinner too quick.'

(George Bernard Shaw ?)